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Lesson plans based on individual students

Anthem instructors don't follow a set curriculum. Lessons are taught to meet each student's individual needs based on their skill level, specific strengths or weaknesses, preferred method of learning, age, interests, and goals. Every student learns at a different pace, and success is not measured in the speed of which one learns. Students should, however, expect to see progress when the commitment is made to consistent and frequent study both at home and in lesson.

Ensuring every student's success

Whether it be as simple as sheet music, or more tech-savvy tools such as speed or pitch modulation programs, our teachers use various means to ensure students get everything down note for note. Some instructors also record lessons for student's review and ease of practicing. You can rely on your instructor to give sound advice on the best way to practice, what to practice, and for how long.

Students can showcase their skills!

As a performance-oriented school, we realize the importance of stage experience in a student's musical development. Sign up at the next Anthem student showcase when you're ready to show off what you've learned! Here, students take a spot on stage backed by other students, or the Anthem Teacher Band, to perform songs of their choice.

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